Huizhou Xinhao Industry Co., Ltd.
Name:Huizhou Xinhao Industry Co., Ltd.
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Product Name: White carbon black
CAS No: 10279-57-9
Product Type: Inorganic Chemicals -> Others
Product spec: 99%
Packing: bag
Valid Period: 2023-11-01
Description: Silica is a white powder X-ray amorphous silica and silicates, collectively, mainly refers to precipitated silica, fumed silica, fine silica gel and Aerogel, including powder synthesis aluminum and calcium and so on. Soluble in caustic soda and hydrofluoric acid, insoluble in water, solvents and acids (except hydrofluoric acid). High temperature, flammable, tasteless, odorless, has very good electrical insulation.
Recipient: Manager Lu Company: Huizhou Xinhao Industry Co., Ltd.
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